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Who is Kujo?

It began with a passion for play and experimentation. Founder and host Randy Quansah mixed curiosity and fun entertaining his brother’s kids with fun activities that nurtured discovery, expression and understanding of the world around them. Once he became a father, he saw the direct and exciting connection between fun, engaging early learning,  intellectual growth and language development.

He also saw the need for greater representation of people of colour and culture. Together, his bringing his unique concept of unity, social awareness, fun and experiential education online to share with children and parents around the world. A Human Resources professional and business instructor, as well as a champion for finding greatness in others, Randy brings a friendly, respectful and cultural approach to teaching in French and English. His high degree of creativity makes him a top draw online to inspire a generation of leaders and pillars in their communities.

‘Kujo’ is actually his given name, meaning ‘Born on a Monday’–a special tradition that originates in Ghana. Randy’s character mirrors Kujo’s to a certain degree, as he brings out everyone’s inner child with an openness, willingness to explore and challenge old ways of thinking in order to grow and expand perspectives and horizons.  His unique character is a transformational leader who is not afraid to fail in order to discover the truth. His character constantly fails at the beginning of experiments. However, he maintains an optimistic and inquisitive attitude, searching for the answer with subject matter experts, including the Imagination Helmet!

He also believes in collaborative problem solving as he asks the audience and his fellow cast member puppets questions and takes on theirs suggestions in order to try to solve a problem. His goal is to ask kids to try and duplicate and discuss an experiment or social subject at home with their parents and guardians. This helps promote continuous learning and cultivate one-on-one parental time in fun and engaging way.

Kujo is a also a little bit of an odd duck with his glasses, hair and his choice of attire. However he embraces differences not only in himself but in others. He realizes that diversity and inclusion are necessary in order to expand perceptions. He and his cast mates encourage this by stating the show’s phrase “Be Kind. Be Brave. Be Curious. And most importantly–Be Yourself!” In world where everyone is trying to be different there is an underlining need to fit into a box or label. We believe every human is unique and we should celebrate this every day.

Cast Members

Ellis Lalonde

Actor, musician, puppeteer and comedian, Ellis Lalonde brings wit, originality and creativity to the role of the puppet Kweku.

He represents his owl character as a smart, funny, and logical family member of Kujo’s Kid Zone—with brilliant suggestions, curiosity and manners that inspire kids and adults alike. Ellis brings a natural skill to puppeteering and acting, prompting a dynamic interplay between his cast mates.

Ellis has been a member of the Loose Moose Theatre since 2012 as an actor and sound designer, adding the roles of director and puppeteer in 2015. His puppet experience also includes Dolly Wiggler Cabaret, National Puppetry Conference.

Kim Cheel

Kim is an award-winning playwright, actor and puppeteer who first began puppetry in 2016, working with Pink Whale Theatre. She grew up watching The Muppets and Fraggle Rock, and is excited to be a puppeteer, even if she isn’t in the echelon of Henson. She has played characters at Heritage Park, and her play, ‘Carolien and Wessex’ won the Outstanding Writing award at the 2017 Foothills Once Act Festival and the Calgary Fringe Festival in 2018.

Adjoa asks a lot of questions, and that’s something Kim can relate to. During my grade eight graduation, she was teased by the teacher because every time he walked by her desk, she had another question for him.

She admits Adjoa is also a bit unkempt – her feathers are everywhere! “Adjoa is who she is, and she doesn’t apologize for her questions, her flying feathers, and in that regard, I wish I was a little bit more like her!”

Madison Laliberte

Madison has been a singer/songwriter for many years and loves performing in front of any audience, including interactive children. She is a private music teacher (K-6) and one of her favourite things is recording her student’s songs as well as watching them perform.

She is also an elementary school teacher and is a great addition to our cast from a pedagogical perspective. She has always had a passion for teaching young children and helping them to achieve their dreams. Her role in Kujo’s Kid Zone allows her to share her love of music, lesson, and storytelling.

“Music ignites all areas of child development and skills required for school readiness; I am thrilled to be a part of this process. Because of my career as a teacher, I am able to interact with the audience in the same way that I do with my own students each and every day, as well as have the educational knowledge required to be a part of a program that helps children learn and grow.”

Our Mission

To ignite the imagination of every child and parent on the planet and empower them to
gain knowledge through our instruction—delivered with warmth, friendliness, and creativity.

Our Vision

To be a trusted, reliable and top educational source for children, to inspire a generation
of transformational leaders to be pillars in their respective community.