Become a Kujo’s Kid Zone Volunteer Advisor

The purpose of the Kujo’s Kid Zone (KKZ) Advisory Committee is to invite a collection of volunteer individuals who bring non-binding strategic advice and unique knowledge and skills which augment the knowledge and skills of management and to more effectively guide the organization.

Meeting locations will be determined by the management team with input from board members. When necessary and available, distance technologies will be used to allow members to participate who are unable to attend in person.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Meet quarterly to review activities and provide strategic direction, guide quality improvement, and assess program effectiveness. Contribute to the meeting and the business with solid ideas and solutions.
  • When requested for information and mentoring, meet deadlines for delivery in order to meet requirements for episodic planning and production.
  • Provide consistency, longevity and background knowledge/reliable advice on particular issues and specialties.
  • Make recommendations and/or provide key information on resources, materials and partnerships to management.
  • Help promote accountability by Kujo’s Kid Zone team to keep us on track with our overall business goals.
  • Provide feedback and helpful information to KKZ leads from the community regarding market needs, insights, trends, and opportunities.
  • Provide technical expertise, provide an independent/unbiased sounding board based on representative specialty, and assist staff in determining important activities per episode or initiative (where applicable to that member(s).
  • Review and assess initiatives to identify opportunity, mitigate risk and enhance business performance.
  • Contribute knowledge and insight into market and industry trends.
  • Provide wisdom and counsel issues raised by company directors or management.
  • Serve as an ambassador and advocate for Kujo’s Kid Zone, promoting the show and other initiatives on personal Social Media and other public channels as well as to community influencers and potential partners.
  • Serve as a liaison with relevant demographics and partners (customers, corporate, teachers, subject matter experts, teachers/homeschoolers, service/product providers, media, etc.).
  • Follow social media policies and best practices when sharing information provided by KKZ.

Service Terms

  1. The advisory board role lasts for ONE year to the date of signature.
  2. Each member will have distinctive knowledge on different aspects of business such as marketing, product development, sales techniques that are of use to the directors.
  3. The advisory committee does not have formal authority to govern the organization, that is, the advisory committee cannot issue directives which must be followed.
  4. Advice provided will be considered, but will not have any binding authority on the corporation. 
  5. Kujo’s Kid Zone management agree to heed or disregard the board’s suggestions in our own discretion and members are not required to enforce any policies or recommendations that they make.
  6. Advisors can depart from their role at any time, but it is encouraged that they recommend an expert that can replace to maintain consistency of the role.
  7. Respect for and privacy of the company’s branding, materials, and planning to avoid competitive information released. A non-disclosure agreement is required to be signed by all members of the Board.

Fiduciary Duty and Compensation

There is no formal compensation for advisory board members—for their volunteer time during meetings, consultations, events, episode production, fundraising, or creation of documentation/elements, and coordination. Kujo’s Kid Zone will cover all site costs associated with the advisory board meetings, such as space rental, technology costs (conference call/video conferencing, equipment rental, technicians, etc.), and food services. Costs related to parking, travel (mileage, accommodations, and other expenses) are the responsibility of each board member. Additional details include:

  • Members of the KKZ advisory board are not bound by any and all fiduciary duties, costs and are not entitled to indemnification as a result of their participation as a volunteer.
  • Kujo’s Kid Zone does not require members to have personal insurance, as their role is volunteer, and it is the decision of each advisory board member to invest it their own insurance, if they feel required to do so.
  • In the event of compensation package via revenue generation, it can comprise of options constituting anywhere from a fixed number of options to 0.25 percent to 1 percent of a company’s fully diluted capitalization, depending on the stage of growth and time commitment required.

Board Member Specialty Opportunities

  1. Education – Assistance with educational/pedagogical methodology, approach, themes, components, coordination, lesson planning, prop/supply suggestions
  2. Episodic Planning & Script Writing – Quality control and monitoring, advising and continuous improvement.
  3. Production (Video/Audio) – Assistance/service for pre-production, filming, editing/ post-production, distribution, sound and quality control.
  4. Business Development & Revenue Generation – Advice and assistance with revenue modeling, iteration, growth, planning/strategy.
  5. Socio-Cultural – Representing various cultures, languages, societies and movements, representatives provide insight and perspective on social, welfare, sensitivities, representation, identification for episodes to ensure correct and appropriate wording and information.
  6. Social Sciences & Self Awareness – Representing all areas of self, social and legal areas when covering such issues as child welfare, wellness, self-awareness, psychology, personal safety and communication in family, community and educational settings.
  7. Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Technology – Offering insight and perspective into the areas of STEM, ensuring accuracy in terminology, scientific methodologies/theories represented in episodes and corollary information on the KKZ website.
  8. Food – Nutritional, agricultural and cultural knowledge to support our mandate for promoting good health and food safety, as well as how food is universal and is used as a binder in society.
  9. Language – Assist in advising with pronunciation and
  10. Marketing & Public Relations – Planning, execution, relationship and content management, media relations, product promotions, guidance and standards for website, collateral and business messaging.
  11. Social Media – Advice on planning, execution, trends and campaigns based on production schedule and initiatives.
  12. Product Development – Assistance with concept, design, production of products, such as dolls, toys, books, music, and other revenue-generating items.
  13. Sponsorship – Insight on potential businesses and investors, development, negotiation, relationship management.
  14. Fundraising and Grant Proposals – Provide advice on grant and funding opportunities, methods (writing, submission). Offer insights into potential funding options, lead generation, and assistance in negotiation, relationship building/introductions, and closure.
  15. Financial – Advice on managing revenue and strategic financial planning/projections, budget spending and taxation.
  16. Legal – Management advice on brand management, contract management and liability.
  17. Human Resources – Advice on human relations, hiring, management of staff and contractors and OH&S laws and best practices.

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Kujo’s Kid Zone Advisory Board Member Questionnaire

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And remember. Be Kind. Be Brave. Be Curious. And most importantly, Be Yourself!

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