Themed, experience-based episodes

Every Kujo’s Kid Zone episode will follow an established story criteria, with a welcoming introduction
to the theme of the day and planned activities.

The focus is on four modalities of learning including listening, problem solving, visual exploration and kinesthetic,
(practicing the lesson with a parent at home, and discussing outcomes and observations).

Strategic Themes


Explore earth, water, fire, air, weather, biology
and animals from a child’s perspective.

Science & Math

Simple, fun concepts promoting chemistry, physics, counting, shapes measurement, and more.


Discover differences and similarities in
expression, emotions, etiquette, and culture.


Guide learners about their amazing body, mind, physiology, health, and happiness.


Review eating, growing, transport, and cultural
influences of food from across the world.

Jobs & Tech

Explore what jobs are like, roles and equality,
how to solve problems fairly and creatively.

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