Join Kujo's Kid Zone in launching fun,
adventurous learning online


Imagine being a part of a new movement that fuels early childhood education encompassing science, nature, culture, personal growth and more.
Kujo’s Kid Zone invites you to partner with us to take kids and parents on an extraordinary adventure of learning, curiosity and exploration.


Our business model offers an engaging mix of four product lines:

Carefully produced videos to appeal to children ages 2-5, as well as their parents, educators and other influencers.
Average running time is 7-10 minutes in length.


Professionally curated by educators and child specialists, Kujo’s Kid Zone provides product reviews and suggestions.


Recommended reading by our resident experts appealing specifically to parents and their children as a complement to Kujo’s episodic themes.


Items will range from bags, t-shirts, Kujo-themed story books, stuffed characters, learning materials, etc.

Unique, competitive advantages

•  High-quality episodes with professional filming, lighting, green screen,    
   editing, sound, SFX, digital animation, closed captioning–all in 4K quality
•  Original content developed with themes and variations with room to
   extend concepts to conversation and practice at home
•  Established qualitative content to be uploaded upon go live
•  Filmed both in English and some French to expand global/cultural reach
•  Promotion of inclusion, cultural diversity, gender parity
•  A combination of live action, animation and special effects
•  Timeless, evergreen concepts that persist and engage
•  Expert advisory board of relevant professionals in education, psychology,
   science, technology, production, and communication
•  A solid and experienced management and production team
•  Dedication to growing our channel in a lean and dynamic manner


Sponsorship Opportunities


Provides Kujo and guests the chance to talk about your company, services and/or your products in conjunction with an episode or theme, Advertising spots in the middle and end of each show or via social media are available.


Your company products can be featured in tutorials, reviews, demonstrations, and giveaways, as well as discuss advance release items. Or you can provide props, equipment and materials to augment the production quality of the each episode.


We offer the opportunity for specialists to offer their services, such as equipment or production (editing, animation, sound mixing, marketing, printing, etc.) or other valuable services to assist in our business goals.


In conjunction with marketing and advertising campaigns on our website and episodes, we can provide viewers with a discount promotional code from your company that drives business to your site, typically from 5 to 15 per cent.

Our goal is to work side by side with partner companies to customize sponsorship to match our markets and your needs.
Contact us today to explore the possibilities.